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At Advantage Electrical we believe electrical safety is everyone's responsibility and we post great tips, advice and commonly asked questions on our website and the local directory if you would like to visit that too.

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When you choose Advantage Electrical you choose a local business that has been operating since 2005 and who is moving forward with the constantly evolving technology that is available in today's market for your home or office.

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We hope all our customers had a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Year. 
As with all new years resolutions it is always good to have a few around the home.
Our top tips for a safe New Year are
*Check your smoke alarms are in date.  Did you know that smoke alarms only have a 10 year life expectancy? Check the date on all your alarms, change the battery and test them at the start of the year.  If your alarms have expired, consider upgrading the system to include an alarm in every bedroom and have them all interconnected as per current legislation.

*Check if your AC's need a professional clean.  This is easy, just get a torch and shine up through the louvers to see if the barrel fan is clogged, remove the filters and check the condition of the coil.  If the answer is yes, there is a unique ecosystem in there,  then get your units cleaned.  They work hard all summer long, and will be much more efficient if clean.

New year equals new opportunity's and we are currently looking for a qualified electrician and part time office assistant to join our team.  If you know somebody or are looking for a change, please email through your resume.  We are keen to have someone start soon.

We would like to wish you all the best with your own goals this year, stay safe, and as always, we look forward to working with you!