Below are some classic problems, interesting photo's and unusual situations that we have come across over the years.  Hope you enjoy and avoid at least some of the potential problems life can throw at you.
sensor wasps.JPG
I'm pretty sure this sensor is not working...
An unusual one, we think one of the motor's in this rangehood seized, creating a spark, and the grease built up in the rangehood caused a fire to start.  Very lucky the house didn't burn down here.
rangehood burnt JPG.JPG
clogged AC barrel fan.jpg
This is a VERY dirty air-con.  It was so bad that the AC was unable to cool the air. Fortunately once cleaned it was able to work once more. 
faulty power point.jpg
I'm sure this one needs changing.  Please don't let your power point's get this bad!
screw through wire172428.jpg
This ones's easy to do when doing home renovations...
vermin chewing cables.JPG
This is common, vermin love to chew cables causing all sorts of things to go wrong,  putting a few baits out in the roof or shed helps deter the mice from moving in.
water behind switchboard 2JPG.JPG
water behind switchboard.JPG
An odd one,  water was becoming trapped behind the switchboard because the switchboard was not sealed properly when mounted to the wall, causing mould to grow on the inside wall.
sleeping possum.jpg

Do Not Disturb!  Ceilings can contain all sorts of surprises!

Melting subboard.jpg

A loose connection is the likely cause of this sub-board overheating and melting.  If you see this happening contact your electrician immediately as this is a fire hazard.